Remote Monitoring and Control

Flexible remote monitoring to optimise your solar PV system assets.

A strong focus on Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) software solutions is maintained in order to best support our valued clients. Our monitoring solutions make it easy to manage your OPS PCU-based systems in a cost-effective, efficient manner. Remote monitoring packages can be enabled in all systems employing our GSC, GEC and HPC power conditioning units, our telecom chargers, or our high power MPPT chargers.

Sophisticated end-users of solar PV systems increasingly require new innovations in analysis, metering, protection and remote control. OPS India proudly offers a range of options to meet these market expectations.

Monitor your projects with OPS Coms and OPS PVNet

OPS Coms makes it easy to view and control your OPS PCU-based system. It provides all the benefits of end-to-end hardware and software integration in a user-friendly interface. The end-user can review system performance through real-time data, historical information, and system event logs. All data is easily transportable from OPS Coms into the analysis software of your choice.

OPS PVNet provides comprehensive asset management for OPS PCU-based multi-megawatt systems. This platform has been developed for clients who require professional system management including metering, remote control and power export summations. PVNet provides visualisation and management options to ensure you are well informed of system status and performance trends.

Communication Standards

Our monitoring software is designed to communicate over common mediums using TCP/IP and MODBUS. Data can be easily exported in transportable formats including comma separated formats, making it easy to use your system data within your preferred analysis software package.

OPS is currently finalising development of monitoring solutions to allow integration of your OPS PCU-based system into utility or portfolio SCADA solutions, with support for protocols such as IEC-104, Ripple Control, and ZigBee.


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