For Power Conversion and System Integration.

OPS India is pleased to offer its range of power electronics products to the Indian green energy market. From the robust inverters of our Power Conditioner range to our high-power MPPTs and telecom chargers, our products are designed to provide high reliability at affordable prices.

Power Conditioners

The OPS Power Conditioner range of power inverters have been designed in Australia to meet the environmental and electrical challenges faced by Indian clients. Users of our power conditioners enjoy highly reliable products supportive of excellent renewable energy project outcomes.

GSC Grid support conditioner

Grid-tied bi-directional power inverter with power backup features. Learn more

GEC: Grid export power conditioner

Grid-tied power inverter, designed for solar farms. Learn more

HPC: Hybrid system power conditioner.

Off-grid bi-directional power inverter with power backup. Learn more

Other Products

OPS India offer a range of other innovative products to meet your renewable energy needs.

SCADA Solutions

Flexible remote monitoring to optimise your solar assets. Learn more

High-power MPPT

Increase your system energy output cost-effectively. Learn more

Telecom MPPT

Robust solar control technology with comprehensive mini SCADA support. Learn more

Micro Power Solutions

Power conversion options for small-scale systems. Learn more

Macro Hybrid Solution

High solar penetration, large-scale off grid systems. Learn more

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