Operation and Maintenance Contracts

Protect your solar PV project assets with flexible project support contracts

On top of the standard warranties provided with each power conditioner, there may be a need for an Annual Maintenance Contract in cases where systems are integrated around OPS products and technologies.

Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC).

AMC contracts can be structured around power conditioner or total power plant performance. Quarterly or bi-annual service visits can be planned to ensure the power conditioner or plant is checked, calibrated or serviced according to manufacturer recommendations. Our contracts ensure long system life and minimal downtime to maximise financial returns for the owner operator.

Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC).

OPS India and the international OPS Group have extensive expertise in the area of renewable energy project implementation. EPC services are available for systems up to the megawatt scale. Clients benefit from innovative technical solutions developed specifically for large-scale photovoltaic and hybrid projects. The founders of OPS India have managed several large international research and development projects involving advanced solar, wind, diesel and power electronic systems.

OPS India has large research and development investments. We are currently developing a range of advanced hybrid power conditioning systems and grid-tied systems to be deployed in renewable energy and remote area power systems.

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