Hybrid Power Conditioner

A fully integrated off-grid power package where 24-hour power is required.

Our HPC product makes it easy to integrate and optimise remote area power sources such as solar photovoltaic arrays, wind turbines, battery banks and diesel generator sets. A key benefit for our clients is reduction of daily diesel fuel usage. Life-cycle cost analyses predict an average of 60 per cent cost savings over the course of a system lifespan.

The HPC brings cost-effective power supply to remote regions with additional benefits such as extensive operating flexibility, increased energy harvesting and superior power quality. These benefits are achieved from PV maximum power point tracking, diesel generator set phase balancing and sophisticated battery management features.

The HPC can enable automated synchronisation of multiple diesel generator sets. Megawatt scale hybrid systems employing high PV penetration and advanced power quality control are available in our Macro Hybrid System.

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