Grid Export Conditioner

Affordable power converter products focused on maximum energy yield.

The GEC is a unique grid-connected power conditioner by global standards. Clients enjoy increased energy harvesting and operational flexibility due to our advanced control and monitoring options.

Designed for Indian Applications

Our grid-connected power solutions have evolved through extensive experience of the challenges of Indian grid networks. Many Indian distribution systems suffer from regular blackouts, brownouts, voltage sags, notches and frequency shifts causing a loss of productivity and output. The advanced phase-by-phase control technologies built into the OPS GEC allows solar power plants to tolerate these wide ranging grid conditions. Our technology is first choice for clients who seek to maximise energy yield and achieve strong financial returns.

Megawatt Solar Grid-Connect Systems

In response to the growing market demand for large solar farms, OPS India has developed modular solutions which provide high performance, easy maintenance, and the option of future system expansion. Our unique sequential switching and bridging options are well accepted by utilities and large corporate clients who wish to maximise the efficiency of the solar farm and obtain maximum rate of return.


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